May 18, 2012

Already All I Need

Christy Nockels is one of my favorite christian artists.  I discovered her music through a dear friend about twelve years ago and have been a huge fan ever since.  She has the amazing and uncanny ability to consistently sing the anthems of my journey.  Wherever I am, whatever season I'm going through, she always seems to put to song exactly what's written on my heart.  Many times, when I haven't been able to find the words to express what I feel, her songs have done it for me.  They are the cries and prayers of my heart.

Her most recent album is no different.  Every song is my favorite, but the song, "Already All I Need" has continually been playing on repeat in the playlist of my mind.  Here it is...

And the lyrics...

Asking where You are, Lord. Wondering where You’ve been. Is like standing in a hurricane, trying to find the wind. And hoping for Your mercy to meet me where I am. Is forgetting that Your thoughts for me, outnumber the sand. You filled the sun with morning light. You bid the moon to lead the night. You clothe the lilies bright and beautiful. You’re already all I need. Already everything that I could hope for. You’re already all I need. You’ve already set me free. Already making me. More like You. You’re already all I need. Jesus, You’re already all I need. Walking through this life without Your freedom in my heart. Is like holding onto shackles that You have torn apart. So remind me of Your promises. And all that You have done. In this world I will have trouble. But You have overcome. And every gift that I receive. You determine just for me. But nothing I desire compares with You. In Your fullness. You’re my all in all. In Your healing. I’m forever made whole. In Your freedom. Your love overflows. And carries me. You carry me.

Listening to this song, I realize how often I pray for things that God has already given me or done for me.  I ask for things that are already mine for the taking, freely given, right in front of me, ready and waiting to be received.  It's like making breakfast for my children, placing it in front of them and they ask, "Mom, can you please make us some breakfast?"  It's already been done.  I already made breakfast.  It's right in front of them.  Why don't they just eat and enjoy?  Why would I make breakfast again?

This song is a beautiful reminder of all Jesus has done for us and all He continues to do.  For forever and always, his work on the cross was and is perfect... and perfectly sufficient at that.  He doesn't need to do it again.

He's already all I need.

I just need to remember that truth... rest in it and receive.


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