May 12, 2012

Lessons from a Grocery Clerk

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She was wearing a baby pink polo shirt and had a hair style from the eighties.  Her complexion was beautiful but she covered it up with lots of rose blush and blue frosted eye shadow.  She greeted me with a big, friendly smile in the check out at the grocery store like most clerks do as you unload your groceries onto the belt.  We exchanged pleasantries... "Hello, how are you today? I'm doing well. How are you?" and such and then our conversation turned to more serious matters...


She began to share with me the agony she had been through over the past several weeks while being without a dishwasher and disposal.  Her old dishwasher, which was only builder grade, had died and she had ordered a brand new, very expensive ($1,500!) beautiful KitchenAid dishwasher but it had taken forever and a day to come in.  And, when it finally did come in and was delivered, the handle on it was missing and they had to send it back.

There were more details... something about calling Sears and getting a better price on the new dishwasher but the other company then honoring that better price and then eventually beating it by a hundred dollars.  Also, her husband was coming home from a business trip and she wanted to make him a nice dinner since he hadn't had a home cooked meal in weeks.  She was going to make pulled pork but decided that would be way too many dishes to wash by hand and she didn't want to pour the grease and juices down her sink without having a disposal to grind it all up and rinse it away.

She kept going and going and going...

and I fell in love with her.

She was engaging and honest and vulnerable and passionate and unashamed about her passion.  She was a pro at multi-tasking as she unloaded her dishwasher saga on me while simultaneously loading my groceries into bags. And as she chatted and worked, I sensed Jesus nudging me to look into her eyes and listen with patience and compassion to her story and to honor her and learn from her.

I did just that and I was all the better for it.

I learned a few things from that sweet grocery clerk and not one of them had anything to do with groceries... or dishwashers.

Holiness in the midst of the mundane.


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