July 10, 2012

Being with Jesus: Part One

Today's passage from "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young was just what I needed on this warm, sun drenched summer morning.  Water to my thirsty soul were the beautiful, intimate words that beckoned and invited me to rest.  To let out a huge sigh of relief and quiet the noise in my heart and mind.  To lay down the many thoughts and concerns that threaten to steal my joy and peace.  To be still in the presence of Jesus and enjoy his friendship.

Thank goodness this day is not up to me.  I don't have to hold the world together.  I don't have to have all the right answers.  I don't have to come through.  I don't have to be perfect.  I don't have to be anything more than what I already am.  I can rest.  I can relax.  I can just be.

What wonderful, refreshing and life-giving news...

"Relax in my peaceful presence.  Do not bring performance pressures into our sacred space of communion.  When you are with someone you trust completely, you feel free to be yourself.  This is one of the joys of true friendship.  Though I am Lord of Lords and King and Kings, I also desire to be your intimate Friend.  When you are tense or pretentious in our relationship, I feel hurt.  I know the worst about you, but I also see the best in you.  I long for you to trust me enough to be fully yourself with me.  When you are real with me, I am able to bring out the best in you; the very gifts I have planted in your soul.  Relax, and enjoy our friendship."


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