September 25, 2012

Mothering Hearts

When my children were young and would fall down and scrape their knees, I would scoop them up in my arms, hold them tight, and dry their tears until they faded away.  When the last bit of pain was gone, they would happily break free to run off and play again.

Now that they are teenagers, it isn't quite as easy as it was back then.  The things that bring them pain are much harder and more difficult to bear than the banged up knees of their childhoods.  The bumps and bruises of life at thirteen and fifteen can feel more like devastating, life-threatening injuries than minor cuts and scrapes that will heal and vanish quickly.

Mother's Day 2012

As their mother, I see and feel and know their ache and want so badly to wrap them up in my arms like I did when they were little, hold them close and take away their pain.  And though there is much that my mothering heart can offer, I know that ultimately, they need Jesus more than they need me.  Only he can truly take away their pain and meet their every need.  I can't and shouldn't rescue them like I did when they were small.  They need to learn to fall into the strong, loving arms of Christ and know with confidence that he will come for their hearts and care for them.

This morning, I held my beautiful, hurting girl tightly in my arms and tears trickled down both of our faces as we listened quietly to this song.

It speaks of the perfectly sufficient, all-comforting, mothering heart of God...

for her and for me.


"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you."  Isaiah 66:13


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