October 11, 2012

Enough: Part One

It's early morning and I'm snuggled under a blanket by the fireplace with a once steaming cup of coffee in hand that has now grown cold and nearly empty.  Time to make more coffee.

The house is quiet, at least for a few minutes more, until my children wake and our day begins.

I sit in the silence... resting, praying, listening, and reflecting.  I sense the nearness of Christ... his love, favor, and delight as these few, simple words roll around on the edges of my heart...

"I have all that I need.  I have more than enough in God."

Whatever this day may bring... whether it's joy and laughter, ease and rest... or heartache and tears, stress and suffering,  I do have all that I need in Jesus.  He is enough.  He is more than enough.

"Come into my day, Lord.  Fill it with your life and light.  Be all that I need.  Be all that I am.  I give myself over to you in every way to live your life.  You are enough for me... enough for whatever this day may hold.  And if and when the crazy hits, may I keep those words close to my heart, whisper them aloud, and remember... you are all that I need, you are more than enough."

photo credit: flickriver.com

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