October 15, 2012

More of Enough: Part Two

This song by Tim Hughes continually played through my mind this morning as I quietly went about the folding of laundry, the making of beds, and the doing of dishes.

photo credit: www.nsf.gov

At some point, I realized it was a gift to my heart from Jesus, words I needed to cling to and breathe life from, so I let the song play through the stereo loudly on repeat... the beautiful lyrics filling every room of our home, time and again.

In my last post, I wrote about God being enough... about having all that I need and more than enough in him.  It's a consistent, continual theme of my journey... truth that God calls me to and reminds me of on a daily basis.  And if I rest in it, stay in it... it keeps me focused, grounded, and rooted in him.

God is enough.  He is more than enough.  He is all that I need... all that I am.  He is in everything.  He is everything.



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