January 24, 2013


Sometimes I long for the comfortable, for the easy and predictable, and for an all-my-dreams-coming-true life. Sometimes I long for these things much more than just sometimes and the longing too much turns to restlessness and my days feel heavy and disappointing.

My man and I are cliff jumpers. It's just the way we live. Many years back we chose to live a life of faith like we'd never known before and we traded in the safe, predictable, and easy for a life of mystery and adventure with God.  A life that couldn't promise comfort and most certainly would require huge leaps of faith with nothing but sheer trust in our God.

Over the years we've jumped more cliffs than I ever dreamed possible and some I never dreamed God would call us to. Though he was right there with us in every leap, we didn't always land as softly and sure-footed as I would have hoped or liked. Some jumps even left us battered and bruised, dazed and confused, and definitely not comfortable.

We're never guaranteed that life will be easy and safe when we walk with God. Just look at the life of Job. In fact, the scriptures have a lot to say about trials and suffering and the part they play in our faith and journey. God is not necessarily safe but he is good. He's very, very good. I know that for sure.

I still want to live this cliff jumping life whether it's comfortable or not. Honestly, it's how I have to live because to live any other way would be false and denying what is true to my core... to know and love and follow hard after God. Whatever that looks like. Whatever that costs.

But sometimes...

Oh how I ache and yearn for the comfortable.

Maybe it's a quiet street in a friendly neighborhood with a sweet little home of our own to grow old in. Or dear friends close by to love on us, lend a helping hand when needed, and come over often to share a meal. Maybe it's being able to see around the bend and prepare for what's ahead, or perhaps it's just simply taking a rest from hurling ourselves off so many cliffs.

Though my heart says yes to all these things, I know that true comfort isn't found in people, or in a place, or in a false sense of control. It's found right here, where we are, right where Jesus has us, in the middle of stress and uncertainty, living in the not easy and the often unpredictable.

It's found in Jesus and in him alone.

We woke this morning to a beautiful blanket of snow that had fallen through the night. I drank in the beauty as I stood quietly at my sunroom window and watched the sun rise to peek through the clouds and shine on our life below.

Jesus was near.  

He knows what a fresh blanket of snow does for my heart.  





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