February 26, 2013

Speak God. I am Listening.

"So should we go for it? Should we just go ahead and jump? Is this the next step... the beginning of another new season in our journey? Is this what we've been waiting for and praying for and hoping for? Will this path bring the freedom and life we long for? Is this the way God would have us go?"

This past Sunday, we escaped, or maybe we ran for our lives, from the confines of suburbia and fled to the beautiful, majestic Shenandoah National Forest. We hiked and climbed, but most importantly, we drank in the crisp and refreshing, cool mountain air in huge, thirsty, can't-get-enough gulps. We were in desperate need of a detox from the many things that drain us and cloud our vision and scramble our brains. It was good... so very, very good.

There's much I want to say and write about our time away, but for now, for today, I feel the need to be silent. The house is quiet and still with my three off at school and work, the dog sleeps peacefully on his bed, and all my ears can hear is the gentle hum of the heater and the low, rhythmic flip-flop of warm clothes turning over in the dryer.

Like the young boy Samuel, I'm praying, "Speak God. I am listening." (1 Samuel 3:10)

Big decisions await...

I know he will answer.

After reading this post, my husband laughed and commented that the first two sentences read as if we're considering throwing ourselves off the cliff in the picture and just being done with it. So, in case you're a bit worried about our mental state, may I assure you that I'm only speaking metaphorically of course. Thank you, Honey, for your keen observation.  What would I do without you?! (a wink and a smile)



  1. Yea!!!! Found my long lost heart-friend and her beautiful writing thanks to Robin! Loved reading every word tonight and missing u dearly. 2 very important reasons to get back in touch..u look way too skinny in that bikini and I was stranded on the Love Boat! Love u and will email soon..remind me of your email address.

    1. My dear friend!!! How absolutely wonderful to get your comment this morning! So happy you found my blog and blessed by your kind words. Such a sweet gift they are to my heart! Can't wait to catch up with you... have missed you much! I'm so sorry to hear about your Love Boat catastrophe! Hug your precious family for me and I'll be in touch very soon... Love you!


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