February 15, 2013

Gloriously Perfect

It was an interesting Valentine's Day.

Pretty lackluster for sure.

It's not that we weren't feeling the love because we were, it's just that we were feeling bad too. As in sick. Two out of four of us (the parents) were under the weather... like when you stay in your pajamas all day and barely make it off the sofa (that would be me) and when you go to work anyway and suffer through the whole miserable day because you don't have a choice (that would be my man). It was no fun at all.

Though there were a few gifts for everyone, some candy here and there, and heart-shaped pizzas delivered for supper, (Thank you Papa John's!) it wasn't the Valentine's Day I had hoped it would be.

We didn't have a huge, mouth-watering Italian dinner on the red and white gingham tablecloth and I didn't bake a decadent, ganache-drenched chocolate cake like I'd planned. My man and I didn't raise a toast to our love with glasses full of rich, red Merlot and we went to bed very early, but not for romantic reasons at all.

It wasn't a typical Valentine's Day for the Barkers as far as celebrations go, but there was still lots and lots of love to go around... plenty of it. Sweet words. Big hugs. Cozy snuggles and loads of laughter.

Oh how I love this little family God has given me. Sharing life with the three of them is my greatest treasure. They make my heart smile and swell. With them is my favorite place to be. And whether or not we have a pin-worthy, delicious, glorious and perfect Valentine's Day celebration, we have each other and that alone is gloriously perfect.

Summer 2012


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