April 12, 2013

Grateful: A List

I'm starting a new series on my blog inspired by Carina at Lovely Little Whimsy.  From time to time, I'll be posting a list of some of the many things I'm grateful for since there are always an infinite amount of them each and every day... from the simple to the extraordinary.  I want to capture those things, savor them, and remember them as the days go by.  Our hearts are always lifted when we recognize and name our blessings.  It's a great exercise of faith and so good and rich for the soul.  

Today, I'm grateful for...

...the peaceful, soothing, spring rain that's falling outside my window as I catch up on my reading, work on a few posts, spend some time with Jesus, listen to classical music and breathe in the warm-vanilla-sugar candle that's burning in my kitchen.  Ambiance is everything.

...my husband who prayed over me at 4 am before he left for work, gave me sweet kisses, and rubbed the foot I could no longer feel since it had fallen asleep.  I think I'll keep him forever.

...the Cherry Blossom tree that has bloomed each spring throughout the six-plus years that we've lived here.  It's delicate, moonlight-white petals have been a lovely gift to my heart all these years.  I will miss that pretty little tree when we move.

...the cute and funny and sweet texts that I keep getting from my sixteen-year-old girl who is away for three days on a school choir trip.  I'm grateful she loves her momma so much to even send her texts and the fact that they're adoringly precious is pure bonus.  Oh how I love that girl!  She's my bestie.

...the brand-new, front-loading, energy-efficient washer and dryer that will soon grace the laundry room of our new home.  I'm tired of getting by with the never-dependable, hardly-efficient models in our rental home.  I heart beautiful appliances and I especially heart that I'll soon have a laundry room and not just a laundry closet!

...a fun evening ahead that includes dinner at an Italian restaurant in the city and tickets to a Washington Nationals baseball game with my man and a couple I've never met but look forward to meeting (he's a business associate of my husband's).  I wonder what I will wear...

...the pumpkin-banana-anything muffins that I'm planning to make as soon as I finish this post that will make my house smell fabulous and keep me and my family healthy.  Not to mention, I'm also grateful for the cookbook that's soon to arrive at my front door, written by Shauna Niequist, who shared the recipe.

...my thirteen-year-old boy who woke me in the middle of the night because his allergies were bad and he couldn't quit sneezing.  After I groggily gave him some medicine, tucked him back in bed, and put a cold washcloth over his puffy, itchy eyes, he sweetly said, "Thank you, Momma, for taking such good care of me."  Be. Still. My. Heart.

...the comforting peace that's finding its way to my heart over our move, how Jesus is answering my prayers and giving me a love for this place and hope for the days ahead.  I'm growing a bit more excited each day to see all that he has in store and I think I might just love it.


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