June 4, 2013

Ten Minutes

I'm giving myself ten minutes.  Ten minutes to write a few thoughts and get something down in the midst of these busy, much-to-be-done, still-settling-in days and then I must go work out.  I absolutely must.  This move put my workouts on hold and it shows and I'm feeling it.  Even though I've lifted lots of boxes, carried more than I should, and climbed more flights of stairs than I ever dreamed possible, (our new home is a four story town house, a stair master in itself) my body is crying out to be toned and slimmed, especially since our summer vacation is just around the corner and the beach and my swimsuit (eeks!) are calling my name.

We moved into our new home a little over a week ago and for all that had to be done, for all that's required with a move, we've made great progress.  Most boxes have been unpacked, I just organized my pantry, and we hung the first few pictures last night.  Though we have a ways to go before we're completely settled and the house feels like our own, we've fallen in love.  This new space is perfect for our family.  It's small and cozy and more unique than any house we've ever lived in.  It's right smack in the midst of city/suburbia with the grocery store, Starbucks, the library, our favorite italian restaurant, and the local Saturday farmer's market just a short walk away.  And yet, it's private and quiet and feels like a respite because once you come in and close the front door, all you see is trees since almost every window looks out to woods.  We were blessed to find a home that backs to a small stretch of land that will never be developed, truly a rare gem when you live in city/suburbia.  God, of course, knew what he was doing when he guided us here... knew what a gift this home would be to our hearts.  We're in awe and both humbled and grateful.  Joy and hope are filling our days just as the sweet-smelling honeysuckle fills the beautiful woods behind us.  Fresh, new life.  God is so good.

And now ten minutes has quickly turned to thirty and a workout waits...


Until next time...

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