August 31, 2013

Weekend Words: Grace

One more week has passed and here I am writing another "Weekend Words" post with no other posts to fill the space between.

I feel like I'm always apologizing to my blog for neglecting it and setting it aside to focus on other things.  I certainly have much to learn about the hard work and discipline that comes along with being a writer.  It's a process and I am in process.

Though I had every intention of posting this week... one, two, or maybe even three posts, the days got away from me, the last week of summer break stole my heart and attention and other things took precedence, much more important things, as in people... my children and family.

Each day is filled with thousands of choices of how I'll spend and invest my time and during this last week of summer vacation, it was much more important for me to spend time with my kids and enjoy the moments I have left with them before school starts back than to spend precious, valuable time writing.

The writing can wait.  Time with them cannot.  They are growing up so fast!

So I'm learning to hold myself to a standard of grace and not perfection.  Grace to set the writing aside and instead get ice cream with my kids or take them shopping one last time for back-to-school clothes.

Grace to find a balance in my days in the midst of all my responsibilities and the many things I juggle.

And grace to go easy on myself... to just be and keep being without demanding and insisting that I be everything.

Grace is the standard.

Perfection is not.

And next week?  When my kids are back in school and my days are quiet and the time to write, to focus on my thoughts and heart is abundant?  Grace will still be the standard.

In what areas of your life are you needing to be gracious to yourself?  In what ways are you expecting perfection?  I'd love to hear...



  1. Jenny, I so enjoyed our brief but nice have the most soothing voice...I could hear the teens so eager to leave the house for your appointment...however they were being so polite as yall have raised them to be...I so wished we lived close so we could hang out all the time...doing last minute errands for Cricket's big day...80 years as a virtuous woman as Proverbs says...pray for a wonderful turnout/weather/time with friends and family! I pray you all have a perfect year at school!

    1. Great to talk with you as well, Linda! Happy to hear Aunt Cricket's birthday party was a huge success... meaningful and fun. Give our love to all the family...

  2. Great thoughts, well received. thank you for sharing your heart with others.

    1. My pleasure... and thank you for your words, for commenting. Blessings!


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