December 28, 2013

This Wonderful Middle

The warm winter sun shines through my window and casts the most beautiful light across our bedroom.  It's mid-afternoon, three days after Christmas, and I've yet to get officially dressed… still in my jammies and wearing my fuzzy red and green Christmas socks.  I'm snuggled up all cozy with a blanket on our bed reading and perusing a few new books, while I listen out for the clothes to finish drying in the laundry room across the hall.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  It was lavish and rich and meaningful.  Quiet and peaceful.  Full of love and laughter and fun.  The life and joy of our family of four bubbling up to overflowing and spilling out over the edge.  Perfect in all its imperfection.  I'm humbled and grateful and in awe, once again.  Every Christmas does my heart in more than the one the year before… the beauty of the coming of Christ, his love for me, his rescue of me, the grace and mercy and hope he so freely gives.  I could hardly sing a word of "O Holy Night" at church on Christmas Eve.  The lyrics touched my heart so deeply that all I could do was stand in worship and listen to the voices sing while tears pushed from my eyes to spill down my cheeks.  I was undone.  Loved.  Rescued.  Grateful.

And now, these three days later, the festivities have come to an end… the gifts have been opened and put away, the cookies and desserts eaten and enjoyed, and the kitchen has been cleaned one last time, at least for now.  I'm rested, but tired.  Content, but longing.  Full, but still hungry.  It's the mix of emotions, the halfway point of the holidays, where I'm almost ready to move beyond Christmas and begin to pack it away, yet I'm still wanting to hang on for just a while longer and linger a bit more.  I'm thinking of the new year that's quickly approaching and beginning to hope and pray and dream about all it may hold, but I'm still savoring this year and reflecting on all that's unfolded over the course of its many days and months.  I'm marveling at how God has worked in our lives and worked in my heart and marveling even more at how he keeps writing our story, so carefully and beautifully, page after page, chapter upon chapter.

No, I'm not quite ready to move on just yet.  I think I'll stay at this halfway point, this wonderful middle, for just a bit longer.  Savoring.  Reflecting.  Resting.  Marveling.  Dreaming.  Hoping.

There's always more to come.

How about you?  Are you ready to move on beyond Christmas, or are you also wanting to linger a bit in the middle… savoring and reflecting for just a bit longer? 


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