March 2, 2014

Hi there...

Hi there Friends,

A note to update you on blog happenings...

I was remembering this week that at this time last year, we were right on the brink of making some huge decisions. We knew God was moving us, but we weren't yet sure what that would look like… the when, the where, the how. But now, here we are, one year later and settled for over nine months in our new home, incredibly happy and content. What a difference time makes! It's really good for my heart to look back and remember where I've been. Sometimes I miss the progress and growth, the gifts along the way, if I don't.

The same is true with this blog. There's been much progress and growth here as well, and it's so good for me to look back and reflect on it. I've been writing for almost two years now and what a journey it's been! Pouring my heart out here in this space has stretched me and pulled me from all that's comfortable and safe. It's helped me find my voice… my place in the big, beautiful story God is telling. Though there have been times I've wanted to quit and throw in the towel, or maybe start a new blog, one that's easier to write like a cooking or home-decorating blog, I've kept going. I've kept being, and God has honored that. I'm deeply grateful.

One of my favorite verses is...

"He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me."
 ~Psalm 18:19

Those words have been so beautifully true of my life. Over the past decade, God has rescued me from much pain and heartache… delighting in me, setting me free, and bringing me into a spacious place. (insert huge sigh of relief and gratitude) and this blog alone is evidence of that. In the past week, this little corner of the Internet reached close to 11,000 pages views! And though numbers have never been or never will be what this blog is about, they do help to affirm what God's doing here. In his time, this blog has grown and become a spacious place, and I'm incredibly humbled, honored, and blessed by that. What a gift!

Thank you for your part in its growth and for your warm response to my post last week. Your affirming words, feedback and suggestions, were all much appreciated. God is on the move and exciting things are happening here… I just recently bought the rights to my blog and have a new domain now. This is officially! I also have a new email address, if you'd like to write to me. It's jenny at be and keep being dot com. I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for your hearts, for joining me on this journey and for coming back to visit and read. It's my hope and prayer that you've found something of Jesus here... encouragement and inspiration for your own journey.

With love and blessings,


Photo credits to Gray, who's becoming quite the photographer these days.

"If it's God's, then he's going to give you everything you need to accomplish his purposes."
~ Jennie Allen



  1. Yay for you, my friend!
    You have a beautiful space here...I always enjoy visiting.
    I had a sweet nun in college years ago.
    She told us to always write what you know. And you do just that. : )

    1. "Write what you know"… I love that, Billie Jo! Thank you for your warm, affirming words. I'm so glad to call you my friend!

  2. Love your blog and following you on IG. Your lovely positive attitude toward life is contagious. Thank you for sharing this. I especially loved the last quote from Jennie Allen, so I Googled her and just ordered Restless. I love when unexpected paths lead just exactly where we want to be.

    1. Really kind words, Haunani… Thank you! I'm so glad to connect with you here and on Instagram, and how cool that you discovered Jennie's book through me using her quote. I love how God guides and leads our every little step! I haven't read "Restless" yet but I'm sure I'd enjoy it. I heard Jennie speak recently and got so much from what she shared. Blessings to you!


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