January 30, 2015

An Invitation

Even though it's almost the end of January, it's still the start of a brand new year, filled with mystery and wonder. All month long, as I've eased back into routine after the Christmas holidays, I've been asking Jesus what he has for my heart in the weeks and months ahead. I've been pondering and praying and finding myself on my knees a lot, both literally and figuratively, and these are the words that keep spilling from my lips…

Jesus, come and dance on my heart.

Over the years, I've traveled far and wide and long and hard in my walk with this beautiful One who's etched himself forever on my heart. Healing and growth and life have come to this woman who has come to know that Jesus really is all that she needs and more than enough. 

I've learned to travel lightly as God has taken from me the things that weighed me down and held me back and slowed my pace. I confess that some of those things I didn't give up easily, many of them He had to pry from my tightly clenched fingers. "Let me have them. Let them go," he said. "These bags are too heavy for you. You were never intended to carry them. They're not yours to carry, but mine. Let me bear the weight of them. Travel lightly and stay close to me."

And so I listened and obeyed. I gave him those burdensome bags, in both relief and sorrow, sometimes though, I would ask for them back when I'd forget that life isn't up to me, I'm not on my own, and I don't have to be in control. Out of his great love and only for a bit, he'd let me carry those bags again just so I'd remember how heavy they were and how they weren't mine to carry.

In the year ahead, as I continue to travel lightly, walking closely beside the One who carries my burdens and loves me so well, I'm inviting him to dance on my heart. To grow and shape me, and take me deeper and higher, and to leave his beautiful footprints scattered and imprinted all over my life. I'm handing over more of the bags that weigh me down and slow my pace, and I'm walking light on my feet right beside him, sometimes even skipping as I go.

Trusting him. 

Loving him.

Embracing and delighting in his glorious dance.

As I drove my children to school this morning, light snow began to fall, and as I headed home after dropping them off, it began to fall in a frenzy. Lovely and light, tiny, white snowflakes danced in a flurry all around me, scattered here and there and everywhere, and I laughed and smiled because I knew Jesus was answering my prayer.

He was dancing on my heart.

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