January 25, 2016

Beauty Beckons

"Let my love enfold you in the radiance of my glory. 
Sit still in the light of my presence, and receive my peace. 
These quiet moments with me transcend time, 
accomplishing far more than you can imagine. 
Bring me the sacrifice of your time, and watch to see how abundantly I bless you."

from "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young

I paused at the window early this morning to gaze at the bright full moon aware that in a matter of moments it would soon be gone when the sun began its climb.  The world outside was frozen, quiet and still, lit up only by street lamps and the light of the glistening moon.  A snow globe of sorts, it captured me, and I stood there a bit just taking in its magic.

I love how God uses beauty to slow me down and stop me in my tracks, to lift my heart from this world.  Towards Heaven.  Towards him.  He knows how it speaks to me.  How it captures my attention and refreshes me.  How it brings me such joy.

And most of the time beauty beckons, I heed its alluring call and its magic works wonders on my soul.  But sometimes I am just too busy, too distracted, or in far too big of a hurry to notice, and I miss it all together and that makes me sad.

I want to always be captured by beauty, to let it stun and silence me, to wash over and refresh me.  God alone, in and of himself, is beauty and I want to live continuously aware of him.  His movements.  His presence.  His heart.  I want to live ready and willing to stop whatever it is I am doing and simply be still with Him.  To take in his beauty all around me, to heed his alluring call, whenever and however it may come.

And I know he is always calling to me.  Always wanting to catch my eye and draw me in close, to linger with me and pour his life into mine.

His beauty beckons, and I don't want to miss it.  I don't want to miss a single thing he has for my heart.

I don't want to miss him.

How has God been wooing you lately? How has he been calling your heart to his? What beauty stirs you? I would love to hear. 

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