About This Blog

This blog is named for the words I often hear from God when I'm bringing my heart to him… asking, listening, pondering and reflecting.  Those few simple words, "Be… and keep being," quiet my spirit and invite me to rest, to stop striving and arranging, and to simply just be.  They are an invitation to walk closely with God and find my life in Him as I trust the journey and his great work in me.  Simply being, and in time becoming, all he dreamed me to be.

You will find a bit of everything here on these pages… from the depths of my heart and journey, to the simple and sweet of my every day.  I love to write and feel drawn to this space, to sharing my heart and life and what I've come to know and love of Jesus along the way.  It is my hope and prayer that you will find an honest, relatable voice here and my words would be ones that encourage your heart and point you more deeply to Christ.  He is just so very good and there is so much life to be found in him.

You are welcome here…

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