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Hello friends, and welcome to my blog, "Be and keep being!"

I'm so glad you're here!

To tell you a little more about me…

I love words, books, music, food, travel, style and home, but most of all, Jesus, and the sweet family He's blessed me with.  I'm married to a good strong man who stole my heart at sixteen and still makes it skip a beat after almost twenty-five years of marriage.  I'm a very proud momma to two wonderful children who are practically adults now, a daughter and a son.  They bring me such joy and they've grown up much too fast.  We make our home in Northern Virginia with the beautiful Shenandoah mountains right around the corner, and the rich history and culture of Washington, DC just down the road.  I'm a former Kindergarten and First Grade teacher, turned stay-at-home-mom, turned writer and speaker.  I'm also a cook, baker, laundress, housekeeper, errand runner, picture taker, and much, much more.

Easter ~ 2016

I prefer heartfelt conversations over small talk, I love the smell of lavender, and mangos just might be my favorite fruit.  I'm a coffee and sometimes tea drinker, and sharing a fine box of chocolates with my man is one of my favorite things.  I love the city with all its energy and crowds of people, but I'm equally at home in the mountains savoring the silence and solitude.  Authenticity means everything to me and I think you would find when you meet me that what you see is what you get.  I'm a little or a lot quirky and my family might tell you that no one enjoys my humor as much as I do and I've nearly perfected the art of laughing at myself.  I'm a dreamer and visionary, passionate and sensitive, and my cup typically runs half-full.  I've learned there's great freedom and joy to be found in simply being myself, and I've tasted something so real and sweet of Jesus that just leaves me wanting more.

Thanksgiving ~ 2015

He is my heart, my favorite forever.  He is all that I need and more than enough, and I know that deep in my core, even when life says differently.  I want nothing more than to know and walk with Him, to experience Him in all the ways he longs for me to, and for my life to reflect His love and heart to this world.

It's wonderful to meet you and I hope you will visit here often so I can get to know you too!

Christmas in New York ~ 2014

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